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China opens door to more Nigerians




The administration of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Monday said that it would make more open doors for more Nigerians to visit China in the years ahead. Mr Chu Maoming, Consul General of China in Lagos, told the Newsmen that the Consulate and the Chinese Embassy would encourage visas issuance to more Nigerians.

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Maoming said that the consenting to of the arrangement on the Belt and Road Initiative between Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jingpin was an appreciated advancement for the two nations.

“Inside the structure of the concurrence on the Belt and Road Initiative marked between Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jinping, there would be more the same old thing and exchange among China and Nigeria.

“We do realize that more Nigerians would travel China, and a greater amount of Chinese organizations and speculations coming to Nigeria. “We along these lines realize that the need to give more Nigerians visas is significant. “What we need Nigerians to know is that the procedure for applying for the Chinese visas is one of the quickest and most helpful,” he said.

Maoming said that the Chinese Consulate and Embassy would keep on offering inclination to Nigerians applying for visas to China for organizations, speculations and different purposes.

The Envoy, who communicated the Chinese government’s duty to fortifying relations with Africa, said that more organizations and ventures ought normal in Nigeria from China in the years ahead.


“We will be seeing a greater amount of Chinese organizations, exchange and interests in Nigeria. We would likewise be seeing more speculations from Nigeria in China. “We are glad to see the reinforcing of our territories of collaboration inside the system of the One Belt and Road Initiative,” he said.

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