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Burna Boy’s “African Giant” Vs. Davido’s “A Good Time” Album: Which Is Better




Burna Boy’s “African Giant” vs. Davido’s “A Good Time” album: which one is doper

Nigerian music followers decided to compare the two most trending Nigerian albums, “African Giant” by Burna Boy and “A Good Time” by Davido. As it turns out, Burna Boy’s “African Giant” beat Davido’s “A Good time” flawlessly.

The height to which Burna Boy’s “African Giant” has gone is simply outstanding. But Davido sought to share that glory with Burna Boy by dishing out his highly hyped “A Good Time” which is actually a vibe. But in comparison with Burna Boy’s “African Giant,” it went nowhere, as 90% of Nigerian music followers rooted for Oluwa Burna’s album.

Even Davido’s fans did what many have referred to as “calling a spade a spade.” In a particular poll that was conducted for rate both albums, “African Giant” got 3018 votes while “A Good Time” got only 218 votes. Indeed, the spotlight is really on Burna Boy at the moment and it appears Davido is only riding on past glory.

However, we will be conducting our own polls here to see if those of us here are in agreement with voters on Twitter and other platforms who voted for “African Giant.” So, between Burna Boy and Davido’s album, which one is doper.

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